Hello 2/3 Families,

This week, students worked on research for their summative assessment. They are learning how to summarize information and put it in their own words. The classes are continue to gather ideas on how writers publish feature articles to prepare for writing their own articles.

Students are continuing to take action to save the rainforest. When your child takes action as many have done, please make note of what they did so when rubrics come home in the next few weeks, you can share that information with the 2/3 teachers.

A Note from the Students:

2/3 is reading that in Mexico, people are trying to build a train called The Train Maya and it will cross the junble. It is most likely to kill animals and plants, and in a blink that jungle will disappear. For that, we need YOU to sign something, we need 150,000 signatures and we already have 140,000 signatures. So, we can save the jungle, an organization doing this card and sending it to the president of Mexico to try and convince him to stop or go around it so the train doesn’t destroy some ecosystems. If you help, we can save the jungle. (Written by a student in Miriam’s class)

To sign, please click here.

Student-led Conferences

Last week, you received an email from your child(ren)’s classroom teacher about student-led conferences. Please make sure you have confirmed your child(ren)’s time with the teacher or rescheduled for a time that will work for your family. Take a few minutes to read these reminders about student led conferences.

  • This is your child’s opportunity to share their learning. Your first role is as a listener. Your second role as a parent is to identify ways you can support your child to achieve goals that they have set.
  • Encourage your child. Be specific in your praise, comments, and compliments. Listen and ask follow up questions like, “What part of this assignment was challenging for you? Why? What did you learn from this assignment? How can I help you with your goal?”
  • Respect your child’s ability to lead and share. Allow them to guide you through the conference.
  • There will be limited opportunities to talk directly with your child’s teacher during the conference.  If you need further information regarding your child, please schedule a separate time with the teacher.
  • Be proud! Your child’s ability to take ownership of their progress and present their goals to you is impressive.


Students finished up their April homework packet this week. Next week, their English homework will be to prepare for a spelling test of Friday, May 3. They have had time to work on these words during class, but as the end of the year approaches, some lists are getting more challenging so they may want to put in a few minutes at home to review words.

Special Visitors

This week, students got to learn from some very special visitors. The Mansfield Center came and visited each classroom on Thursday to share about their home countries. Check out the pictures from this great experience under the photos tab!


3rd graders are continuing to explore different ways to solve multiplication problems.

2nd graders are explore measuring, perimeter and area. They are practicing this by measuring many different things in the world around them.

Upcoming Events

  • Plant Orders Due – TODAY, April 26
  • Community Fundraiser at MOD Pizza – April 29
  • Missoula Gives – May 2-3
  • Student-led Conferences – May 6-10
    • No Enrichment Programs
  • MIS Art Show – May 6-10
  • MIS RUNdraiser – May 19

Have a wonderful weekend!

The 2/3 Team