Hello 2/3 Families,

As we wrap up our unit on Sharing the Planet, we are getting ready to start our final unit of the school year! Students will be exploring Where We Are in Place and Time by inquiring into how evidence from discoveries may explain how the earth has changed over time. Our three lines of inquiry are:

  • Identifying the different changes on Earth over time. (eras-geological timeline)
  • Understanding evidences that explain changes on Earth. (fossils, tectonic plate, continental drift, rocks and minerals)
  • Interpreting changes between past and modern life forms. (non-avian theropods and modern birds).

If you or someone you know has knowledge or experiences to share with the students, please contact one of the 2/3 teachers. We would love to have the opportunity to learn from you!


We are so excited for the students to share their work from the year with you at student-led conferences! If you have questions following the conference, please let the teachers know and we will set up an additional time to meet with you.

There will be no written English homework next week due to families commitments with conferences. Students should read each day.

This afternoon, Miriam’s class had to say goodbye to their fish Butler. They had a nice ceremony for him and buried him outside the playground.

Miriam’s class got to meet two horses, Scrabble and Peanut. They loved getting to meet them; thank you for bringing the horses!

Notes From the Office

  • May 6 – 10: Parent – Teacher Conferences
    • Parents, we need all the parking we can get in front of the building in the mornings! Please do not park in the drop off or quick stop area if you are attending a morning Conference.
  • May 8 – Community FUNraiser: Bike to Great Burn Brewery
    • Option 1: Meet at MIS Playground at 3:45pm and start biking as a group.
    • Option 2: Join the group at 4:15pm at the parking lot of the new MIS School Building.
    • Everyone will ride to Great Burn brewery to enjoy local beer, soda and raise money for MIS. There is a dinner from Just BBQ and live music by Nicole Cannavaro. 
  • Spanish Speaking at the Farmers Market
    • Kate and Addy from the Hellgate High School IB Spanish class are looking for Spanish speakers to talk to at our local Clark Fork farmers market every Saturday this May.

Other Upcoming Events

  • Student-led Conferences – May 6-10
    • No Enrichment Programs
  • MIS Art Show – May 6-10
  • MIS RUNdraiser – May 19
    • Check your email for more information from the office!
Have a wonderful weekend!
The 2/3 Team