Hello 2/3 Families,

After Spring Break, students will be beginning their second to last unit of inquiry about Sharing the Planet. Throughout this unit, students will be exploring how Pollution may alter our environment. Through this, students will be:

  • Identifying various kinds of pollution
  • Identifying the causes and effects of pollution
  • Understanding our responsibility in reducing pollution on our planet

We already have a few special presentations lined up, but if you or someone you know would like to share with the 2/3 classes about pollution and what is being done to reduce pollution, especially here in Missoula, please let one of the 2/3 teachers know. We would love to collaborate with others!

In Design, students took a short break from Lego Robotics to fly airplanes while exploring the design process. Students followed plans to create airplanes. Finally, they evaluated their work to decide which plane was the most accurate and which plane flew the furthest. Check out the pictures under the photos tab!

With Emily, students worked on conflict resolution techniques. Both classes are practicing the following language:

I feel ___ when you___. Could you please___?

It would be great if you can support us by modeling and encouraging this language at home.

Have a wonderful Spring Break!

The 2/3 Team