Queridos Papitos y Mamitas;                          

We miss you!  Hope you are doing well and staying healthy! The next few weeks will be an experiment of how to work with remote learning plans. These are new times and together we will get through this. We understand that there may be moments of confusion, mistakes, and frustration along the way. However, there will be more success, joy, laughter and a sense of community that we will build together. We are here to support our students and you during this challenging time.  Please do not hesitate to let us know if you need help to troubleshoot technology, materials, instructions, or other resources. We are here for you!

Here are some resources we have collected to support your child’s learning at home at this moment.  There will be other resources that we will use and introduce as we continue assessing this situation. 

  1. 3CX Phone System: We will use this web meeting platform to connect with your child for synchronous activities such as circle time. Teachers will post the meeting link on google classroom.
  2. Google Classroom: This will be the platform students and teachers will use to access remote learning. There, students will be able to see weekly assignments and expectations for each assignment. There will also be a space for students to post their questions on the work they are doing.  See the following video for specific instructions on how to access Google Classroom: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfgqtCi7hdo
    1. To access, students will login to their mismt.org Google account (passwords available in the packet or by emailing Anneliese). After clicking on the 9 squares, select Google Classroom. Teachers are adding students to the classrooms.
    2. Attached to this email you will find a .pdf document giving step-by-step instructions for logging into Google Classroom.  
  3. Flipgrid: Students will use this platform to share their work with others. We will post a link to our specific flipgrids in google classrooms after we have talked to the students about this platform. Here is a link to help you become familiar with this resource:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-aZ523-HHBg
  4. Raz-Kids: Students will continue using this program to support their reading in Spanish. Student’s login and password will come home in their packet on Thursday.
  5. Typing.com: Students will use this to develop their typing skills. They know their login information and it will come home in their packet. 
  6. Everyday Math Online: Students have the login in their homework folder. Student’s login and password will come home in their packet on Thursday.
  7. Google accounts: All students have a new password set you can pick up with their packet along with their mismt.org username. If you need additional help with the password, please contact Becca ([email protected]) or Anneliese ([email protected]). 
  8. 2/3 Blog: Updates on new information~ https://www.mismt.org/class-blogs/. We will continue to update the blog weekly. 







Below you will find a brief description of what the distance learning schedule may look like. The schedule is a proposal and it is flexible to follow at home according to the needs of the family and the child. However, we will have some set times where we want to meet as a whole group or in a small group for real time learning. This will strengthen our relationships in our 2/3 community and support your child’s learning. Other learning will occur without real time interaction; times are flexible for students to use recorded lessons at their convenience to support their own learning.  

Real time Learning: The link to access the meeting will be posted in Google Classroom everyday. 

  • Everyday at 9:00 we will meet for about 15-20 minutes for a Morning Meeting where we will greet each other, share personal information, have a whole group activity to connect us all and read a message to set a daily goal for our distance learning. 
  • Everyday at 9:30, Janet and Patricia will support your child’s Spanish reading. It will be in small groups, and specific times will be listed in Google Classroom. These small groups will meet once a week. 
  • From 10:15-11:30, students will meet with Anneliese in small groups twice a week to work on reading and writing skills.  The small groups and specific times will be listed in Google Classroom along with additional English activities.

Flexible Time Learning:

  • Math lessons will be recorded by the teacher and added in the google classroom. Students can access it at their convenience to support math lessons. We recommend doing math right after lunch. 
  • English menu choices are listed in Google Classroom and contain a variety of reading and writing choices to continue students’ literacy development. 
  • Teacher office hours: Every day 2/3 teachers will be available to support your child and you with your questions. There are two different ways of doing contacting teachers:


  1. Google classroom: This is for Students’ Questions and Answers 
  2. Email: Parents can send an email to the teacher. Teachers will have frequent access to email outside of the real time learning classes. We will respond as quickly as possible during the regular school hours of 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. During the times below, we will be available for a more rapid response. 
Anneliese: [email protected] Monday – Thursday 8:30-10:00, 2:30 – 3:30
Patricia: [email protected]

Janet: [email protected]

Monday-Thursday 10:30-11:30


  • Academic materials are available for pick up on THURSDAY. Please keep them in the organizer the teacher has sent home and make sure to bring back the plastic organizer once we return physically to school. Further instructions for pick up opportunities will come from the office. 
  • Set up a quiet space for your child to have an electronic device and the academic materials at hand. 
  • Explore the platform using the scavenger hunt with your child. Do this before Monday, March 30th. Students will use their mismt.org account to access this information. 
  • Display the flexible remote learning schedule for your child to see at home.
  • Have this communication letter in an accessible place to troubleshoot any challenges. 
  • Ask questions as you go.
  • Be flexible and be patient, this will take some time!
  • Use this link to gather ideas for breaks.

This is a new process and as we go we will master problems even though the solutions feel unclear right now. We appreciate your feedback as we move forward. 

We want to thank you for all the support and flexibility during this challenging time . We will officially begin remote learning on Monday, March 30th.  Until then, please make sure your child uses the scavenger hunt activity to become familiar with the platforms that we will be using next week. 

With love and gratitude,

The 2/3 team (Patricia, Janet, and Anneliese)