Hello 2/3 Families,

It was great to dive more into our current unit of inquiry, focused on Sharing the Planet. Throughout this unit, students will be exploring how Pollution may alter our environment. Through this, students will be:

  • Identifying various kinds of pollution
  • Identifying the causes and effects of pollution
  • Understanding our responsibility in reducing pollution on our planet

It was so great to have a special presenter on Thursday. We have another special guest on Friday, so our day will start at 9:10.

This week, students spent time becoming more familiar with Google Docs. We are working on how to know when things are due to help them develop greater independence. Please have your child(ren) review the instructions on how to ‘hand in’ activities so we can all work together to help students do their best work.

In English, students are continuing to develop sentence and paragraph structures during small group. They were given their first assignment that sits outside of the usual reading/writing/spelling/typing. We will continue with about one a week, usually due at their small group on Wednesday/Thursday.

Right now, we are beginning a set of projects connected to The Lorax, by Dr. Seuss. If your family has this at home, students can read the physical book. If not, there is a great read aloud linked in Google Classroom. Watching the movie does not take the place of listening to/reading the book, but students may enjoy that as well.

In math, there will be three video lessons each week. On Friday, please upload all the work at once so it is easy for teachers to find and provide feedback.

Monday-Friday, the 2/3 teachers are available through 3CX to answer any questions you may have. We call these ‘office hours’ and you may drop in any time between 2 and 3. Please reach out with any questions so we can support you and your child(ren)!

Have a wonderful weekend,

The 2/3 Team