Hello 2/3 Families,

We are so excited for students to have the opportunity to work with Clark Fork Coalition and the City of Missoula to map the storm drains! This morning, Lily and Marie shared about the storm drains in Missoula and the pollutants that may be in runoff. Lily and Marie gave the students a project to work on next week. We will share more with you via Google Classroom throughout next week, but this project is for mapping storm drains in your neighborhood or different parts of Missoula. It should be done in English so we can share it with the city.

Marie shared with us a link where you can view the storm drains in Missoula; click here to view it. She also recommended Delarka Dr. as a safe place in Lolo to map street drains. Most parking lots have storm drains students could map, and someone should make sure they walk by MIS!

We have a few pictures from the presentation and our morning meetings on the photos tab.

In English, students had their first virtual spelling test; if you had any difficulties with this, please let Anneliese know so the next test can be different.

Students worked on math tests this week. A new unit will begin next week.

If you ever have questions for the teachers, our office hours are open for you or your child to drop in. You can stop by for 2 quick minutes or a longer conversation. Teachers are available to help with math concepts, revise writing, offer book suggestions, or help with any assignments or questions. All 2/3 teachers host office hours on a daily basis. The links can be found in the daily schedule and posted in Google Classroom.
Have a wonderful weekend!
The 2/3 Team