Hello 2/3 Families,

It is hard to believe it is already May!

The students have done some incredible work this year and teachers are prepared to share some of that with you during our remote conferences. You should have received a schedule from the classroom teachers with times for you to sign up. The signups are attached here again.

In English, students have started a long writing project title “The Last Truffula Tree Seed”. They will finish writing around the middle of next week. After some revisions, they will begin publishing on paper or Google Docs. There will be videos in Google Classroom explaining how some different features work in Google Docs if they choose to use that tool. This will be a unique opportunity for their creativity to shine as they learn how to use fonts, colors, images and drawings in a digital environment! If your child needs additional help exploring this tool, they can come by office hours between 2:00 and 3:00 each day or send Anneliese a message.

Following our presentation last week, 2/3 students have been outside walking to find storm drains! We had students looking all over Missoula and in surrounding communities to see what was there. The classroom teachers are sharing this information with Clark Fork Coalition and the city of Missoula so be on the lookout! Hopefully some of the drains your child found will get painted this summer!

Next week, students will wrap up their work on pollution through a hands-on activity shared on Flipgrid.

In Spanish, students have been learning about OREO paragraphs, where they share an opinion, reasons, and examples to persuade someone. Next week, they will focus on writing a complete paragraph following this format.

Have a wonderful weekend!

The 2/3 Team