Hello 2/3 Families,

Both classes had a fun presentation on Tuesday from a local builder! We learned about the design process for a building:

  1. Start with your idea. What do you want to build? A house!
  2. Draw some options and then decide which option you will go with.
  3. What qualities of the environment do I need to consider? Sun? Rain? Wind?
  4. What materials do you need? How do you want to move in the building? How will everything come together?
  5. Refine your drawing. Look at it from each side of the building. This is called an elevation drawing.
  6. What will the floor plan look like?
  7. Build it! In this example, the four walls were taped together to create ‘hinges’ so they folded easily around the floor. There is also a roof.

Jeremy shared how he used passive solar heating in this house. He set the building up to take advantage of the sun. With passive solar heating, the sun is used to heat a building. In the winter, the sun comes in at a certain angle so you can set up a house to take advantage of the heat from the sun.

One helpful question for the students when they build their own buildings was “How do you know how big to make the walls/where to put the windows?” Jeremy shared how you get to dream that up! Imagine you are a person in your building. Where should the window be so you can see out it? This would be helpful to remind the students when they begin building their own buildings.

Check out the pictures from Jeremy’s presentation under the photos tab!

In English, the students have been learning about renewable resources, sharing facts and opinions via Flipgrid. Next week, they will finish up the week with an OREO paragraph about what they think is the best renewable resource.

Remember the maps of the storm drains?! Lily is going to begin stenciling on May 25! If you see her in your neighborhood in a brown vest, stop by and say hello! Let us know if you saw her!

Have a wonderful weekend! Remember, there is no school on Monday!

The 2/3 Team