Hello 2/3 Families,

It is hard to believe the school year is nearly over!

Next week, both classes will gather daily for morning meetings at 9:00. Following the morning meetings, students will have a variety of activities to work on, off-screen. Teachers will not have daily office hours, but please feel free to reach out via email with any questions you may have! We will respond as quickly as we can. We will give students clear instructions each day, but here is an overview of what you can expect them to have to work on.

Day Activity
Monday, June 1 Theme: Pajama Day

Math: Design a paper airplane, or a few! Measure the distance each plane can fly and explore what makes your planes go faster and farther.

Spanish: Read on RAZ-kids

Tuesday, June 2 Theme: MIS Day

English: Write one paragraph about a favorite memory from the school year. Be sure to give clear reasons explaining why this was a favorite memory. We will share this in morning meetings on Wednesday or Thursday morning.

Spanish: Read on RAZ-kids

Wednesday, June 3 Theme: Crazy Hair Day

Unit of Inquiry: Finish your building and share it on Flipgrid. Find three classmates and respond to their videos.

Spanish: Read on RAZ-kids

Thursday, June 4 Theme: Sports/ Extracurricular activities 

Reflection: Watch the End of Year performance video (shared in Google Classroom)

Friday, June 5 Theme: Fancy Day

Classroom party during the Morning Meeting at 9:00 am

The week of June 8, the office has assigned times for you to come to school for end of year checkout. At this time, you will pick up your child’s materials from school and return MIS materials.

Some things you might need to return are:

  • Chrome Books
  • Library books
  • The plastic organizer your child’s work came in

Some things you might need to get from school are:

  • Work from the school year
  • A copy of the Yearbook
  • Jackets/rain boots
  • Anything else in the lost and found!

Here is the schedule:

Student Last names 




Monday June 8

8-11 a.m.


Monday June 8

1-5 p.m.


Tuesday, June 9

8-11 a.m.


Tuesday, June 9

1-5 p.m.

Alternate date

Wednesday, June 10

8-11 a.m.

If you have further questions or concerns, please contact the office and they will help as best as they can!

Enjoy the wonderful sunshine this weekend!

The 2/3 Team