The 2nd/3rd grade team works cooperatively to ensure an inclusive, well-rounded IB education in both languages. 2nd/3rd grade is 80%   Spanish Immersion and 20% English literacy. Please click on each individual subject for more information about our program.

The IB curriculum defines what we teach in 2/3. These are the main components of our curriculum:

  • The written curriculum: What do we want to learn? A balanced curriculum between acquisition of essential knowledge and skills, development of conceptual understanding, demonstration of positive attitudes, and taking of responsible action.
  • The taught curriculum:  How best will we learn? Approaches to teaching and learning
  • The learned curriculum: How will we know what we have learned? MIS uses two types of assessment: Formative and Summative.

 We teach six units of inquiry by integrating all subject areas and both grade levels. Click on the “Units of Inquiry” tab for more information about our current units.