Design at MIS aims to help students develop critical technological skills to help them be successful in their education. In Design, students begin exploring the process that guides the development of products which is later taught as a part of the MYP.

Keyboarding is a very important aspect of having success in this technological age.  We begin keyboarding in 2nd and 3rd grade to avoid the formation of bad habits in the beginning. Students will have the opportunity to work on typing in Design class as well as during English and Spanish.

  • Each student will have a username and password for
  • Students are encouraged to practice accurate keyboarding at home so they can continue to grow this important skill they need in the upper grades. Thank you for your support.

Students also work with computers and iPads to learn how different pieces of technology work. They will use these to read online, do research, practice typing, learn how to program and so much more!

Scratch and Lego robotics are two popular resources in design class. Students have the opportunity to express ideas in creative ways and pursue their own interests while learning the steps of the design process.