Welcome to 2nd and 3rd grade English literacy!  After intense devotion to Spanish immersion at MIS, second and third grade welcome an hour and fifteen minutes a day of English language instruction.

We divide our time together between reading and writing. Our reading time will be centered around the Junior Great Books reading series, which uses high-quality literature and student-centered discussion to practice reading comprehension, critical thinking, and writing. In addition to the Junior Great Books, students will have the opportunity to explore reader’s theater plays, read aloud books, and independent reading.

As mentioned, students will have the opportunity to write a variety of pieces connected to the Junior Great Books series. In addition, they will explore topics of their choice as they move through the writing process to publish a variety of works.

We use a Scholastic spelling program 2nd-5th grade. In the 2/3 English classes, spelling will be conducted in multi-age groups at the students’ appropriate level.

The children do an incredible job transferring their early Spanish literacy skills into English.  Within a few months most students are adjusting to the different spelling patterns found in English.  Parents can be a tremendous asset at home in honing the children’s English skills.  The most essential part of this is reading nightly with your children.

Reading at home is the main component of your child’s English homework. The goal for this time is 15-20 minutes a night. You can divide the time between reading to them and listening to them to help make it a productive time.

Beginning in October, students will write a literature letter each week sharing information about their reading time at home.