The students will take home the Home Link corresponding to that day’s lesson. Most days students will be bringing home math homework.  This “Link” will be an interactive, applicable activity regarding what they learned that day.  The purpose of this “Link” is to communicate what is happening in math at school, and to provide additional practice.  It also gives parents ideas of how to integrate math application into the home life in fun ways.  It is not used as an assessment tool.

Teachers will collect each assignment, check it, and return it in a timely manner.

Many activities are fun and involve family participation.  There is a small parent note at the top in Spanish with ideas of ways to help your child.  In order to access this note in English, go to the Everyday Math website (link below).

-click the link corresponding to the grade level
-click the corresponding unit
-click the English Home Link on the corresponding lesson

For the unit family letter:

-click the link corresponding to the grade level
-on the left, click (in gray) click Family Letters-click the corresponding unit


Second Grade:

Third Grade: